"Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul." Vincent Van Gogh

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah is 16x12 on an old linen panel on wood - painted over a workshop painting that was not very successful. She was done as a portrait sutdy with a very limited palette - burnt sienna (I love Winsor&Newton burnt sienna), cad orange, naples yellow, dioxazine purple, alizarin crimson and white.  Also you might like to check out this link http://www.foxhuntinglife.com/foxhunting-horse-a-hound/photo-of-the-week. It's always a thrill to see my work on another site!


  1. Wowee! I love this. You could spend all your days doing portraits, Susan. It must be such fun to have a whole range of different subjects.

    I'm having trouble with that link. It might be my computer ... I'll try it again later.

  2. She's beautiful, Susan! I love that limited palette! The link did not work for me either, but when I deleted everything after the first / I found your painting, great!

  3. She's magnificent. Awesome dress and I like her facial expression.
    Happy Painting.

  4. Hi, John - my blog site is acting wonky - I couldnot reply to your post but can add a comment. Strange things are happening! I reinstalled thelink and tried it out and it works for me - don't know what that means for everyone else though. Sigh - its such a challenge to be computer chanllenged!
    Thank you, Judy. The limited palette was determined by what was left over after my last painting session. I like it too as she seems to have an air of haughty self confidence about her!
    Thanks so much, Nora. I love your Queen Victoria and happy Victoria Day to you!

  5. Wonderful painting Susan. I like the limited palette as well. While more vivid than sepia, it reminds me of an old sepia photographic portrait.
    Nice save of a spoiled canvas.

  6. WOW Susan my new fav of yours , love it.

  7. This is beautiful, Susan.!!! This limited palette truly works with her!!! Love it...

  8. Hi LW - the color is a bit more subdued than the photograph shows - it does have a vintage feel to it.
    Hi David - it was an interesting study - thanks so much.
    I enjoyed the limited palette - thanks, HIlda. Looking forward to seeing your next pastel!

  9. This is beautiful-the purple shadows and rich golds make this a stand out. Your photos of the mustangs are great. So cool that you get see them.

    1. Thanks so much Stephanie. It was fun painting Sarah from a vintage black and white photo reference. It allowed me to play with the color.


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