"Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul." Vincent Van Gogh

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two Starts - Toulouse Lautrec and a Portrait

Sunday's effort - done using an old black and white photo as reference. It's a start and allowed me to tentatively feel my way around the canvas. I am still very unsure and am begining to realize that i will need to paint a lot in order to get back some of my lost confidence. My intent, at the end of October, will be to paint everyday - while working full time I have never been able to do that consistently and it is one of my goals. This weekend I made an effort to consciously paint shape, color and value - trying to keep those things foremost in my mind as I placed paint on the canvas. I plan to try and go back to refine and finish this after it sets up a bit.

Saturdays effort - started a portrait of my mother in law on her 95th birthday. I captured her likeness but was not happy with the progression and ended up wiping it off. It seems like I am going to be doing lots of starts!
Also, I am having serious trouble with my Blog - it all started after I undated my email address. It is acting very fickle and at times will no tlet me comment on other blogs or even update this one. I have been unable to find the problem but wil lkeep trying. I still stop by my favorite blog sites and find it so frustrating to be unable to leave a comment. I am trying to get some help with this issue and hope to have it fixed soon.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Studio

It has taken a very long time to move and settle into the new house in Reno - much longer than I anticipated - mostly because we are doing some major renovation work. But the worst is over (I hope) and I found some time to enjoy my new studio. It has wonderful natural light all day long. I dont have overhead lights installed yet and when the sun goes down, the light is quickly lost - within a matter of minutes it seems and that is the end of painting for the day! I am looking into some track lighting but have not decided what to do yet. This painting was like trying to ride a bicycle after years of driving a car! I was so eager to begin something new and to feel the pant gliding onto the canvas that I did not think out the composition fully. Nonetheless, the act of painting was such a joy - a pure and complete joy! I have a lot of catching up to do and this painting makes that painfully clear to me! But I feel like today was a new beginning and I can't wait to see where I go from here!
 In addition to showing you my awkward painting, I have posted a photo of a corner of the studio and then one of me in the mirror! I had a lovely day today - and some very good news. My employer is offering early retirement to long term employees and, having been with my company for almost 16 years, I meet the requirments1 I have decided that I will leave the work force and devote myself to trying to attain some artistic goals that I have set for myself. My last day of full time employment will be October 28th - I day I am really looking forward to!