"Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul." Vincent Van Gogh

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Experimenting on Paper

Oil on brown paper / 22 x 28

Wanting to do a large figure painting, I found a roll of brown wrapping paper in my closet and decided to try it out as all of my linen panels were much smaller. I have not painted in oil on paper for such along time that I forgot how absorbent it is and struggled mightily with this figure. I do love how the paper grabs the paint and just won't let go - it is quite a different experience than painting on a prepared canvas or linen. 

This next portrait of Chloe was done on gessoed watercolor paper. Each painting is such a learning experience!

Chloe / oil on watercolor paper / 15 x 11

Friday, February 22, 2019

The Lovely Lynn and Another Rabbit Dream

Lynn was such a great subject to paint with her mass of elegantly unruly hair and her slight smile. And I love doing profiles!

Lynn / oil on linen panel / 18x14

And another rabbit dream painting.......

Dignity of the Hare / oil on linen panel / 14 x 18
Yesterday was another snowy day - we ended up having to shovel the snow off the driveway twice in hopes of keeping it clear. I was exhausted at days end - but today is clear and crisp with not a single snowflake in sight! 

This photo is of two small plants in my front walkway that were blooming merrily right before our last big storm. Now they are buried in snow about 8 inches deep - I wonder how they are doing? My girlfriend in the UK told me they are called Christmas Roses and they generally bloom all winter long! What a miracle!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Having some Figure Fun

Oil on cardboard / 16 x x12

This morning we were treated to the additional delight of a small herd of deer in our valley. We have seen them several times this winter. They are mule deer and I never get tired of watching them!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

From Portrait to Figure-and LOTS of Snow!

 Decided to take a break from portraits and do a figure painting yesterday.

Oil on linen / 12x16

A closer look....
It began snowing as I was painting - just a delicate beautiful snowfall. But the storm continued throughout the night and when we awoke this morning we were greeted by a winter wonderland!

Early morning view from the front walkway.

My husband and the snowblower - both getting a real workout!  

Afternoon delight in Reno, Nevada!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Morgan and Picasso

Morgan, almost 8 / oil on linen board, 12 x 12
Morgan is the very beautiful and accomplished 8 year old granddaughter of my cousin Audre. I painted this casual portrait of her as a surprise  Christmas gift. Morgans parents were very happy and rewarded  me with this photo of the painting nestled atop their mantle on Christmas day.

Generally speaking (and after seeing numerous cubist paintings at various museums), I am not a big fan of cubism but I am a big fan of Picasso's early work - he was such a talented and unique painter even then. Recently, after watching the Genius  television series on the life of Picasso, I purchased a used copy of the 1980 catalogue from the Picasso retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. It is a very comprehensive chronology of his work and I have spent many long hours pouring through it and learning from him. Many of the photos are in black and white but there are some fascinating color plates as well.

Pablo Picasso A Retrospective 1980

Child Holding a Dove 1901 and Self Portrait 1901

Woman in Blue 1901

Trying my hand at a Picasso and attempting to understand and emulate his fearless brushwork, I painted this little copy of a vibrant portrait he did in Paris in 1901

Portrait of Bibi la Puree after Picasso / oil on cardboard 12 x 9