"Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul." Vincent Van Gogh

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Steeplechase Once Again

And a final few tweaks added today (Tuesday March 8th) and I am calling this one done.

18x24 oil on canvas board. The top photo is the final picture and next are two close ups. 

The series of photos above show the process of this painting from the original oil sketch with  a few strokes of color through to the final piece and two close up shots to show detail. The canas was toned with burnt umber plus thalo green and the original oil sketch was done in burnt sienna with some burnt umber for the darkest darks. In the second shot, I am massing in broad areas of color using thin paint and paying close attention to areas of shadow and light. I love how the horse is leaping into the shadow. The third shot shows the background added and the 4th is the final picture. All comments are greatly welcomed and appreciated.


  1. All I can say is "I like it", and you have captured the horse and rider with great fervor.

  2. Amazing! Your horses have so much character.

  3. I appreciate that, kathryn. Thank you Maike.

  4. Amazing. i love the rich blues, reds and purples and of course, the horse!

  5. Hi Susan.
    As usual, this is a brilliant painting. You are so gifted with the paint brush. I can`t believe that any Artist could paint a scene as good as this. There is so much detail but enough of Impressionism, beautiful. Thank you Susan for being a follower of mine. Susan, I can`t find anywhere that I can sign up to receive your latest painting via email. Please let me know? Thank you. All the best Susan.

  6. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your comment, Suzanne.
    Hi, Vic - I recently visited your blog and saw some wonderful work! Thank you for your wonderful words. I have never learned how to add an email link to my blog. I will see if I can find that out!


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