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Friday, September 10, 2010

StrongBox for Shipping to the American Impressionist Society Show

I am getting ready to ship my painting "After the Race" to Nashville for the American Impressionist Society Show at the Richland Fine Art Gallery. The prospectus encourages use of the  AirFloat Strong Box for packing and shipping. It's a special cardboard box made expressly for shipping framed artwork. I first became familiar with this box last month when I helped repack and ship back some of the art work from the Women Artists of the West show. This box opens up like a book and the framed piece is gently nestled amongst layers of cushiony foam. The box is taped shut and the packing is done. It seems like a good investment as the box can be used over and over again. The link to the site is http://airfloatsys.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1 and I have attached a photo of the box. My box arrived today. It came shrink wrapped in plastic which made sense and was easily cut away. I measured the dimensions of my framed painting and popped out the corrugated foam area. The painting slipped in perfectly and I can't imagine it being more safe for its journey to the east coast. You can get puncture proof panels on the inside of the box for extra protection as well. My box does not have those in the interest of keeping the cost down. I purchased a box bigger than what I need for this 24 x 12 piece so that I can use it for larger paintings in the future. How is that for positive thinking!

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