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Monday, December 30, 2019

The Nation's Capital - Part 2

The next stop on our Washington DC trip was the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. 

A lunar lander on the left - these vehicles made 6 successful landings and takeoffs on the moon between 1969 and 1972  with two astronauts aboard. Overhead is the single engine, single seat plane of Charles Lindbergh (the Spirit of St Louis). He flew it on the first trans-Atlantic flight from New York to Paris in 1927.

Neil Armstrong's actual spacesuit from the Apollo 11 moon landing! It gave me goose bumps to see it and realize the immense goals that human beings are capable of achieving.

The spacecraft that launched the US space program, this is Friendship 7, the capsule that John Glenn piloted into Earth orbit in 1962. I was astonished at how small it is. The astronaut inside could not be taller than 5 ft 11 inches and John Glenn joked that "You didn't get in it-you put it on".

The world's first successful airplane - the Wright Flyer - 1903.

A view looking heaven-ward in the Hall of Missiles.

If you are interested in flight, space exploration or the history of aviation, I guarantee you will love this museum!

There are so many wonderful ways to celebrate the holidays but our evening at the Kennedy Center to hear The National Symphony Orchestra with Sir Andrew Davis conductor perform the Messiah was an event, an experience, I will never forget and the absolute highlight of our Washington trip.

A view down the length of the entry hall.
Inside the concert hall as the musicians gathered

The Washington Chorus

 The music was extraordinary and performed with palpable emotion and complete excellence. Adriana Churchman sang the soprano parts and I am convinced her voice must come directly from heaven - it was a total joy to hear her flawless, soaring singing. Needless to say, this evening filled me with optimism and hope for all of mankind and I will try to carry that forth with me into the New Year. Hearing this performance was a Christmas gift I will always remember. It was worth the entire trip to the Capital just to be able to listen to this music.

More of our trip to come but I will also show you a recent painting I will title -  Happy Holidays Two Ewe!

Happy Holidays Two Ewe / oil on linen panel / 11x14


  1. Ha ha ha..to EWE!! what fun and thanks for making me burst out laughing.
    Good heavens...Adriana Churchman as well as being at the Kennedy Center. I am green with envy.
    Another thing I am green about...
    I really want to visit the S S & A M museum
    I do not talk about this but I am a space nut and never go to bed without finding the ISS and saying goodnight to it and who is occupying it. The astronauts do not know it of course! Having the women up there at the moment is icing on the cake for me.
    Happiest of New Years Susan. I will really look forward to following your marvelous blog and work.

    1. Happy New Year to you, Julie - I love hearing you are a space nut! I am into quantum physics (on a purely layman level, of course) and find all things related to space and astrophysics to be absolutely fascinating and awe inspiring! The ISS is truly a marvel and I think of the wonder of it almost as often as you!

  2. Such an interesting trip. I think my daughter should go to see the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Since she has a son and that at 16 he flew two times through Boces in school. He's very interested in becoming a pilot in the future. The title for this painting made my day, Susan. Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family....and I truly look forward to seeing your paintings in 2020. Your portraits in your last post is outstanding...

    1. Oh, Hilda, your grandson will love this museum and I hope he gets a chance to visit it soon. I have no doubt he will find it inspiring! Happy New Year to you and your family and many thanks for all your wonderful comments on my work. Onward into the new roaring 20's!

  3. Interesting museum! That sure is a small capsule!
    Love your painting! :)
    Happy and inspiring New Year to you, Susan!

    1. And a very happy New Year to you - looking forward to sharing more of our thoughts and seeing your lovely work in 2020!

  4. What a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays listening to the National Symphony Orchestra , I would really, really have loved to be there too, must have been very moving, the atmosphere and all. Love your painting, and as always in your works I see humor , love it :-))

    1. Oh, Jane, that evening listening to the Messiah was just magical. I love when an event such as that has the power to just sweep you off your feet, reinvigorate your soul and inspire your spirit. Thankcyou for allcyour wonderful words and support and I look forward to seeing more of your exciting work in 2020!

  5. Dag Susan, hopelijk waren de feestdagen heel gezellig....!
    Mooie foto's van je reizen.
    groetjes van Simonne

    1. It was a really great and thought provoking trip. Hope your New Year is just stellar!

  6. Bonjour ma chère Susan,

    Je découvre tes photos avec un immense plaisir et intérêt. Une belle visite que celle de ce musée. J'ai toujours été intéressée par l'aéronautique. J'ai arrêté maintenant, mais durant des années, j'ai piloté des ULM et petits avions.
    Tu as dû te régaler en écoutant ce concert...
    Je te renouvelle encore tous mes voeux. Que cette année 2020 soit une année spéciale, que des milliers de petits joies viennent illuminer ta vie !

    Une très belle peinture vient ponctuer ce joli billet, merci pour le partage.

    Gros bisous

    1. I admire your ability to fly, Martine! How exciting that must be! Many thanks for your kind and generous words this past year. I look forward to continuing our friendship and the virtual sharing of our interests in art and nature in 2020!

  7. Replies
    1. And a very happy New Year to you, Ashok. Thank you for following my blog and for showing us your interesting photos.

  8. Dear Friend Susan

    As is the usual, in each of your posts... you weave your painting mastery intricately with wonderful humor... and interesting thoughts and observations that you gather from your travels and discoveries.

    I never fail to leave your site without inspiration and a higher sense of Hope and Faith in my Self... and my fellow Man. Your blog is something that I look forward to always.

    Wishing you continued rich blessings of Health, Joy and Happiness in your daily life. I look forward to many more visits and "healthy" helpings of Painting in Oils."

    Happy New Year... and warmest regards,

  9. So happy to read your kind words, Bruce. Thank you and wonderful New Year wishes to you and your family!


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