"Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul." Vincent Van Gogh

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Horses, Portraits and Lake Tahoe

 Back to the subject of horses! This is one of my favorite subjects and I am always drawn back to painting them time and time again. 

Oil on canvas panel / 16 x 20 

Oil on linen panel / 12 x 16

And some recent portraiture as well.

Mahri / 12 x 16 / oil on chipboard

Max / 12 x 12 / oil on chipboard

The brisk Autumn weather has been so lovely that my husband and I decided to drive to Lake Tahoe to do some hiking. We discovered a brand new trail that meanders along the Nevada side of the lake then follows the Truckee River back toward Reno. It is many dozens of miles long and we only hiked about 2 miles but the views were superb. The lake water is crystal clear and is a brilliant turquoise near the shoreline. It was a spectacular day!


  1. your paintings are all nice, the top one is my favorite, it has playful spirit that is fun and touches my heart.

  2. I love your horse paintings , your passion about them really shows . That said I love all your works painted in your very special and personal way !

  3. Anything you paint appears to delight my eyes and heart. From the whimsical horse painting to the impressionist one - both are fabulous and for different reasons. The common denominator is the tremendous feeling of movement.The portraits have a lovely energy also.
    Lake Tahoe is always calming for me and I enjoyed seeing the shots you took. Emerald Bay is on the Calif side and your trail was on Nevada side so the beautiful colors were not of it.
    Lovely post Susan, thank you. By the way, I did go and look up, The Railway, and am glad I did. I remember seeing it before and clearly remember my fav part was the steam from the train, so brilliantly painted. I guess I like movement LOL JMW Turner did a train with the movement of the steam being the whole atmosphere. Rain, Speed and Steam. Are you familiar with it?
    Have a great week.

  4. I love your dancing horses!
    And what a beautiful trail, the views are spectacular!

  5. Dag Susan, je paarden zijn altijd geweldig mooi om te zien!!
    Wat een mooie natuurfoto's, zou mooi zijn om op doek weer te geven denk ik... groetjes van Simonne

  6. Hi there Susan,

    Thank you for including us in your Tahoe tour! Beautiful landscapes that fill the eye with color color and texture.

    Your skillful portraits never disappoint... but I too, love the newest horse piece. As Julie pointed out, your horse subjects never fail to capture one's eye with your ability to portray their power and beauty of motion.

    This one adds a new element of interest... the effects that further create a sense of motion... like gears of clockwork arranged helter-skelter about the once empty parts of the picture plane. A courageous tactic... that works!

    A wonderful post. Thanks for sharing!

    Warmest regards,

  7. These paintings are all wonderful but those horses are SO outstanding. I have always loved the incredible movement in your horse paintings...MORE please. I never get enough!

  8. Bonsoir ma chère Susan,

    Tes chevaux tout comme tes chiens, je les adore ! J'aime leurs mouvements, les bouilles, leurs attitudes. La manière que tu les reproduis me plait.
    Je peux retrouver ton ressenti, qui n'est que du bonheur ! Il faut les aimer pour réussir à restituer l'essentiel avec un tel talent !
    Un joli panache de peintures qui apporte un grand bonheur dans ce très joli billet. Mais pas que !!... Une belle invitation à découvrir ce lieu magique que ce lac. Tes photos sont une véritable tentation au farniente !

    Gros bisous 🌸


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