"Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul." Vincent Van Gogh

Friday, August 2, 2019

Portrait Practice and DIY Framing

78 Years Old / oil on brown paper / 25 x 27 inches

A closer look at the face

After getting in some portrait practice, I tried my hand at framing my two large ballerina at the circus paintings. In an effort to save on the cost of framing such large paintings, I ordered frame pieces from an internet site called Custom Frame Solutions. I am very pleased with the product and the fact that the pieces were cut precisely as I ordered. Putting them together with a little wood glue and small plastic brackets was not too difficult. I chose a narrow silver leaf frame as the background of the paintings are mostly gray and I thought the lighter frame would offset that color well.

The pre-finished pieces as they arrived in the mail - small corner brackets were provided by the manufacturer and, with a little effort, hammered in tightly.

One done and one to go!

And now to find wall space to hang them!


  1. Hi Susan, I really like the angle of his head and the way you captured the full volume of his skull underneath. Not easy for me. I like your choices for the frame profile and soft finish .
    I have used the CFS and never had a problem

  2. Fabulous portrait!
    Your choice of frame is perfect for the circus ballerina's. It looks very easy to put together.

  3. The portrait is awesome, you captured the whole 'elder man frame' so perfectly ! And the ballerinas are set off beautifully within the thin frame you chose , really make them stand out as the protagonists .

  4. Oh Susan...I absolutely love the ballerinas. I've always loved them.
    Your choice of framing is perfect. Simple and yet!
    your portrait of the man is amazing...perfect pose!!! The thin framing will be perfect with him as well.

  5. Susan, je portret van de oudere man is fantastisch !
    Je kaders passen inderdaad perfect bij je werk !!
    groetjes van Simonne


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