"Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul." Vincent Van Gogh

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Ruby and Another Sale

Ruby / 10 x 8 / oil om linen panel
Children are such a great challenge to paint - one must try and retain their childish proportions and innocence while still attending to the essence of their personalities. Young Ruby has sparkling eyes, a captivating smile and a wild individualism about her. The portrait will be a surprise birthday gift for a very dear friend (Ruby's grandmother) whom I have known since I was 10 years old - a lifetime friend. I hope both she and Ruby like it.

And more good news from the Roux & Cyr gallery in Maine - another sale. This one of a loose and impressionistic lobster. I loved this one when I sent it off to the gallery and am so happy about the sale. I think it would look great in Maine seaside cottage kitchen!

Double Sojourn / oil on linen / 20 x 16


  1. Ruby is so sparkling! Her grandmother will be delighted with your beautiful painting of her! Congratulations on your sale! Will look great in a kitchen.

  2. Susan, congratulations on the sale. What a great painting of the lobsters. It's energetic and lively with the colors and background details. Makes me smile. And, so does Ruby! She looks like a joyful, outgoing child...such a big smile and bright eyes. I love the way you include many harmonizing colors in the skin tones. This is the age when teeth are coming and going, and they add so much to their personalities! It will be well-received, I know. Ruby just glows!!

  3. I am confident Ruby's grandmother will love the painting, such a sweet portrait , love the little distance between her teeth and her bright intelligent eyes :-)

  4. First of all...Congratulations on the sale...SO exciting and yes, it would be perfect in a kitchen.
    The portrait is truly beautiful. Her expression makes me smile because she looks so happy... love it.!

  5. Good morning Susan!... What a beautiful and bright start for my day!There is nothing more beautiful than an innocent child... wearing nature's individual markings... unfettered or "made up".Dancing and engaging eyes... an ear-to-ear smile revealing "tooth n' pegs" that have their own signature sizes and spaces. Everything is real. That's what makes a Smolensky painting... a "real" work of art.

    Seeing beyond the painting process to the place (in your mind) where it was painted for speaks of the great vision that each of your paintings displays.

    Bravo!... and Bravo Susan! Two home runs!

    Keep Painting... and many more sales. Happy Summer!

    Warmest regards,

  6. Bonjour chère Susan,

    La saison fait que je ne suis pas toujours sur l'ordinateur... Il fait très chaud en ce moment.

    Je me réjouis déjà pour cette belle vente, toutes mes sincères félicitations.
    Et hummm ! même sans mayonnaise ils semblent excellents ces homards !

    En ce qui concerne ce charmant portrait, il est tout simplement merveilleux !
    Il n'est jamais facile de peindre l'insouciance d'un enfant.
    Lui donner son âme et aussi son physique... On a toujours tendance à les "vieillir" ! Mais toi, tu as réussi ton challenge, elle est toute en fraîcheur et en spontanéité. Elle a un visage qui respire le bonheur, la douceur, et la malice !

    Bravo ma chère Susan !

    Gros gros bisous,

  7. I know I would enjoy Ruby because I smiled at her portrait. Love your technique and it fits her personality.

    Congrats of the sale. It is a fun and well done painting.


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